No matter the reason of your vehicle to be towed; our team of knowledgeable dispatchers will send our experienced tow service professional your way immediately. You can count on us in time of need with your vehicle. Our drivers are available 24/7 to safely pick up and drop off your vehicle at your desired location, with the utmost care. Your location can be a preferred body shop, showroom or simply your home.

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If your car was towed at the request of an agency, you must first be sure that you don’t need the agency’s permission to pick up the car.
Within the first 15 days after the tow, the vehicle owner has the right to collect personal belongings and anything that is not in any way connected to the vehicle.
Many local agencies have authority to tow vehicles for matters of public interest. Private property owners also have a legal right to hire a tow company to remove unauthorized vehicles from their property.
Sometimes it is necessary to clear a street of legally parked cars; for example, street repair, temporary no parking for an event like a parade or a run, film/video work, etc. If the cars were parked before the barriers or “no parking” signs were posted, the cars are moved to another legal parking spot at no charge to the owner.
The way for a tower (or, for that matter, a mechanic) to ensure that someone pays the bill is to assert a “possessory lien.” According to state law, when a tower tows a vehicle, a lien immediately “attaches” to the vehicle. In order to be able to sell the vehicle to cover towing and storage fees, the tower must send written notice to the registered owner and any security interest holder listed on the DMV record of the car.